Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Omuraisu

Each time watching TV introducing “Tanpopo (dandelion) Omuraisu”, I cannot help swallowing saliva. Finally, I went to Kissa You serving this delicacy. Not hard to find this cafe which is between Higashi-Ginza Station exit 5 & Kabuki-za.

It was Autumnal Equinox Day. Although lunchtime passed, there was a crowd of customers still. No problem! Wonderful food is always worthy to wait. One cigarette, double checking shinkansen tickets & freely taking pictures spent half hour around……

Japanese cuisines is usually colorful: light yellow omelette on dark orange fried rice dressed by fresh red ketchup & fresh green parsley. Then, the dandelion would blossom though your knife.

Looked not bad, and butter flavor omelette with sweet & sour ketchup shuttling among grains of rice tasted subtle. This 40-year-old kissaten is really good in cooking, but this dish seemed to be slightly greasy in the end. A-Mao guesses it is historical taste of Tokyo.

Kissa You

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