Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ultracker Real Rate

What is “Real Rate”? It is one of FAQ at trade shows in which Ultracker participated, and I was so scared to this abstract question before because it is extremely hard to describe the principle to visitors. To take this 16-channel DVR for example, it can do 120 FPS (frames per second) @ 640 x 480 (or 240 FPS @ 640 x 240), the highest performance. Each channel averagely can do 7.5 FPS (120 / 16 = 7.5) but can be set up to 15 FPS. If the total FPS is over 120, the system would share the total performance according to the ratio of working or non-working hour rate, and the result is called “real rate”. In fact, this model is two 60 FPS @ 640 x 480 independently for 1~8 channel as well as 9~16 channel (60 + 60 = 120). Clear? Watch the photo & use some imagination.

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