Monday, April 15, 2013

Curry Maker: Karikaru

In March, 2006, I & honcho A finished looking around Security Show and took the Yurikamome to Shinbashi. Before taking the Yamanote Line back to Shinjuku, we found this delicious curry bar—the best is that their fried oyster is crunch outside & soft inside. Accompanied with me, boss M in March, 2006, & engineer R in November, 2007, went to there, and both of them really enjoyed. In September, 2008, therefore, it was my forth time visiting this curry maker, Karikaru.

There was no fried oyster on the menu at that time so that A-Mao went for the most popular dish, the Indian curry. As usual, the rice was spread flatly on the plate, and curry was contained in an oil lamp-shape vessel. Various, aromatic taste complemented the rice spicily & excellently, but it is a pity there was too much potato & too little chicken. Now I am thinking: Why didn't I order a tonkatsu as a topping then?

View seen from the Yurikamome train

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