Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Debut—Seol Leong Tang vs. Something Leong Tang

I've gone through America, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia since being a sales staff in a DVR manufacturer for 3 years. My guess it's time to make a debut of a blog sharing experiences regarding food, travel and music. Delicacies should be a good point from which to start because my mother is so good at cooking and boiled my stomach already.

This is my first Korean meal, Seol Leong Tang, when I was being a lonely backpacker there for 9 days in 2007. The milky soup must be stewed with ox bone for quit a long time. In the beginning, A-Mao really had no idea how to enjoy this combo. But a few minutes later a kindly waitress noticed I was a new comer and used a specialized pair of scissors & a pincers to sheer the red-hot kimchi, including a chunk of daikon & many leaflets of cabbage—A-Mao really has to say: the kimchi is extremely hot but juicy. Without receiving my green light, she suddenly poured the rice and chopped spring onion into the soup. And then, anyway, the mix is so flavorful.

This meal appeared in Gyeongju. A-Mao requested “Seol Leong Tang” at a cozy restaurant, but the boss brought me this “Something Leong Tang” with six side dishes. Well, the only two Korean I can speak is Hello (An Nyeong Ha Se Yo) & Thanks (Gam Sa Ha Mi Da), and poor I therefore tried it without a second thought. Lots of unknown vegetables and the soup tastes a little bit bitter but luscious. Without these side dishes, I couldn’t finish this Exotic Nutrition.

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