Monday, April 15, 2013


Before landing on the Land of the Rising Sun, in the cabin of ANA, one of A-Mao’s compatriots asked: Where is the must visit place in Tokyo? Shinjuku, he said: You can find lots of fun as long as you have cash! Arai Hifumi’s favorite tenpura restaurant is near by Sinjuku Station, too. Although business trip this time was very tight, finally, the Funabashiya was visited. He was planning to go for tenpura course but went for tendon & taranome (or shoot of aralia elata) in order to save money for his company. The octopus sunomono (or Japanese salad) is a free but nice appetizer, whereas the fried taranome is evocative of spring. There are two shrimps, one sand borer & eggplant on the delicious rice; in addition, the excellent, unforgettable sauce seems to be added something like marijuana or opium! No wonder Arai Hifumi likes to celebrate her birthday at this long-established store.

Funabashi-ya in Shinjuku

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