Monday, April 15, 2013

Hibiya Matsumotoro

On the last day of this 7-day unaccompanied business trip, I went to the Hibiya Park. The sole motive is to banquet myself in the Matsumotorou which's founder, Mr. Shokichi Umeya, was a zealous supporter of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and donated greatly to our revolutionary cause; besides, Hifumi Arai recommends this restaurant. Hoping my hard work & Ultracker's H.264 DVR at SXGA (about four D1) resolution would cause a revolution in Japan CCTV industry as well.

Sharing an outdoor table with the others, A-Mao was watching a child eating beef curry rice speedily but joyfully, and then it was his turn. Being dipped with some tartar sauce, fried shrimp is as fresh as crispy, and the aromatic beef sauce went so well with the soft, creamy omuraisu. If it had been served hotter, this combo would have been perfect. By the way, the Matsumotorou has a branch at the Tokyo Big Sight. If you visit this one of the largest convention venues in Japan, don’t forget to try this “omelet rice with hashed beef sauce”.

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