Monday, April 15, 2013

Asakusa Sansada Tendon

In November 2007, A-Mao did business trip with engineer R for 7 days in Japan. We visited one company near by Asakusa, and then I took him to Sensouji to ask for a safe & fruitful trip from the Guanyin. After that, I chose a tempura restaurant at random without R's comment because he really has no idea about Japanese cuisines. After googling the words on the bowl lid in photos several months later, I knew Sansada is a famous & historic one. Both of us went for Tendon then, including fried a half of eggplant, a piece of squid, two shrimps (very fresh) & one whole whiting (my favorite). The rice is al dente, whereas the source is as flavorful as tasteful. For comparison, however, next time I would like to visit another famous tempura restaurant in Asakusa, Daikokuya.

Tendon ekiben purchased at Tokyo station

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