Monday, April 15, 2013

Kondoya Udon

The best Japanese octopus is come from the Seto Inland Sea, serving as a waterway between the Pacific Ocean & the Sea of Japan. In Okayama in the night of September, 2008, I was planning to find takoyaki but could not make it. I therefore went to this Kondoya Udon for my late snack.

From the menu, each donburi looked so delicious, but only geso-tendon is marked as a local specialty. Why not go for it? Costing 660 yen only, this set included a smaller donburi and a bowl of sansai udon. (Note: geso means legs of octopus or squid, while sansai means edible wild plants.)

I love Japanese fried shrimp so much that one was ordered additionally. The donburi in which rice is flavored with sweet-salty sauce, topped with juicy, fried octopus and dressed with fresh spring onion is luscious, whereas the Sanuki-style udon, including fiddlehead fern & arrowhead bamboo shoot, tasted so delightful. This set was reminding me of a Chinese idiom: delicacies from land and sea.

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