Monday, April 15, 2013

Moriawase of Wako

When you have no idea of where to eat, a restaurant which is being lined up should be an easy choice. A little after noon in September, I stood in a line for 5 minutes around, sat down and then opened the menu of Wako, a famous tonkatsu chain collecting the best ingredients. Six kinds of moriawase (or combo) attracted my interests, and I went for azami (or thistle) because this set includes fried pork cutlet rolled with cheese & perilla, fried shrimp, crab cream korokke & mini burdock salad. Besides, rice, clam miso soup & shredded cabbage are all-you-can-eat.
After the man beside me finished his second bowl of rice, my combo was served on an iron net, and then I squeezed some lemon juice on fried seafood. Flavor of cheese & perilla goes so well with pink cutlet, fried shrimp with tartar sauce is delicious also, and the most outstanding is that the crab korokke is very creamy inside & very crunchy outside. But the worst is that I had to eat this meal so quickly for the next meeting. Nevertheless, A-Mao encountered a nice restaurant.

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