Friday, April 19, 2013

Northern Noodles Ji-Yu-Yuan

Because of Petekobe's article, A-Mao went to Ji-Yu-Yuan to experience what is noodles from the north part of China. Assorted beef noodle soup (or ngiu chap noodle soup) and pork dumplings (or jiaozi) was ordered. It was not lunchtime then, but their business is really good. Good look! The soup tasted fine, but it was dressed too sweet, and it is a minus that there was basil. Overcooked assorted beef made A-Mao sad, and the noodles was very normal. In fact, nothing about the north……

But the pork dumplings, filled with cabbage & spring onion also, changed his first impression. The stuff was seasoned fresh & juicy, whereas the mouthfeel of dumpling dough is sturdy. Next time, A-Mao will still order dumplings, whatever pork or leek ones. Their spring onion pancake smelled so good, and the other customers’ steamed dumplings & hot and sour soup looked great. Will not go for their noodle soup anymore.

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