Monday, April 15, 2013

One Night in Shinbashi

On night in Shinbashi, Miss Y & K would like A-Mao to be their gourmet guide. They were going to go to Honjinbou to eat soba, but the pity is that customers without reservation have to wait, and no answer for how long. They gave up and visited Karikaru in the basement of Shinbashi Station Higashi-guchi. It appeared two girls were enjoying their meals, and A-Mao reviewed fried oyster curry, as tasty as usual! It was the fifth time visiting this small curry bar, each time was with different people or alone, and honcho A, who found it with A-Mao in 2006, has left Ultracker already. In the future, maybe, shall come back again with other ones. Suddenly, a little bit somber……Thinking whether or not lonely Tiffany has run out of her food.

I also miss you so much

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