Monday, April 15, 2013

Image of Kobe

When it comes to Kobe, what do you come up with? I asked some of my friends and colleagues, and all of their answer is steak. As for mine, it is about travel and, of course, Kobe beef. Been to there twice, I mainly visited a customer so that there was no time to enjoy this city located between the bay & mountains but was bought a lunch at The Sky Buffet in 2008. Food is not bad, and the view is so magnificent at 24 flours.

The artificial island in Port of Kobe is Port Island, and there is another island behind on which the Kobe Airport built. Suddenly, I also recalled that TOA, a famous CCTV company, is headquartered on the Port Island. Anyway, my image of Kobe is quite good—though no Kobe beef.

Kobe in Autumn

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