Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roadside Stand: Sundae & Sea Pineapple

In Seoul, I found a crowded roadside stand selling Sundae & Tteokbokki. The latter seemed so spicy that I went for the former (or blood sausage) come with steamed pig liver & stomach. There are two seasonings for me: one is chili flavor salt, and the other one is chili soybean sauce. Not bad for tasting, but too bad I finally noticed the soybean sauce is for every gourmet, and, actually, Korean has the third dressing option—their friends' Tteokbokki source.

In Busan, A-Mao found another crowded roadside stand vending sashimi. Unlike Japanese, Korean wrap it in lettuce and then dip it in two kinds of sauces: traditional version is favored with raw garlic and, of course, chili, as well as Japanese version dressed with wasabi. Never had I tried sea pineapple before. This glowing creature was picked then. Now, I don’t want to recall its taste, but at least I didn't have to share sauces with others.

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