Monday, April 15, 2013

Magurobito Kaminarimon Shucchoujo

Now kaiten-zushi is not special in metropolises, but Tachigui (stand-up eating) sushi seems cool & interesting to me. Magurobito (Tuna People) Kaminarimon Shucchoujo is near by Sensouji and their price is so affordable. Basically, if you order one ingredient, nigiri-zushi (hand-formed sushi) or gunkan-maki (warship roll) would be served in pairs. This time A-Mao tasted 8 kinds or 18 ones (7 x 2 + 1 x 2 x 2 = 18). As soon as I finished a nice one, I kept the other and ordered the next. The following are TOP 5.

1. Uni (sea urchin): The chef always picked the best ingredients for me maybe because of my poor Japanese. This urchin is the hugest I ever see, and it is the best experience when the whole warship sunk in my mouth.
2. Ika (squid): Although the price is cheap, the kind chef made this fresh piece more than decent.
3. Kazunoko (herring roe): It was my first time eating seasoned, golden kazunoko, which was bound to the rice with a strip of dried laver. The most crunchy sea delicacy!
4. Konasu (small eggplant): The juicy tsukemono with a little bit astringent taste should be pickled in rice bran. Like gari, or sweet, pickled ginger, this could cleanse the palate.
5. Sayori (halfbeak): The springtime & sterling fish was curved on the rice with sliced green onion & chopped ginger. Duo to its crisp texture and mild taste, Sayori was the only one I ordered once again.


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