Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Abalone Porridge & Mul Kimchi

Before being employed in CCTV industry, I had no prejudiced view of Korean. Not only are they our main competitors, but I also disliked their behavior when they observed our DVR at exhibitions. After traveling there in 2007, I had changed my mind because most of them are enthusiastic as well as virtuous. Anyway, have you watched “Dae Jang Geum”? The heroine introduced abalone porridge at a cooking competition and it deeply touched my heart duo to her introduction: because abalone eats lots of seaweed, its entrails shine light green and is distillation of ocean. About this one, creamy mouthfeel and seafood taste with slightly sesame flavor made me almost cried. Albeit expensive, it will also be a must when I go to there in the future. Meanwhile, the small bowl of soup is not a soup but mul kimchi (or water kimchi) and the liquid is really tasteless.

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