Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hoover Dam

In April, 2006, due to ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is my second time visiting the America, in which everything seems to be bigger than that in Taiwan. After simple decoration as well as setting up camera, CRT monitor, our MPEG-2 DVR & complicated cabling, followed by product test & video adjustment for the best demonstration in a morning, honcho A, engineer C, salesgirl K & I went to the Hoover Dam in the same state that afternoon.

Although there was a GPS brought by honcho A, our car still got lost in the desert, but we began being excited while watching the blue Lake Mead. Meanwhile, what's the problem about the car in the front of us? Did he or she lose all money on the craps or blackjack table?

Oh, here came a clock on the intake tower. Obviously, it was 16:08 in bald Nevada then—Pacific Time Zone.

It took us 11 minutes from Nevada to Arizona because it was 16:19 in hairless Arizona afterward—Mountain Time Zone. This dam is made in USA, of course. It is across two states! You might notice that the time is the same on both clocks. Why both were synchronized? Because Arizona does not use daylight savings time.

While we were chatting by the lake, suddenly, A-Mao noticed a moving stone. Well, the wind was really speedy, but it was impossible to make a stone rolling. Later I figured out it is a chipmunk. Hi, little cutie! For whom are you waiting? Your partner?

Great Hoover Dam

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