Monday, April 15, 2013

Kouryu Ramen

In the night of September, 2008, after visiting three customers within one day, I was trying finding something good to eat on the streets of Shinjuku. The night was not young, but people were lining up in front of this Kouryu Ramen, and poor A-Mao was in a dilemma as to whether to eat ramen—most of them were too salty for me—to refill my battery or to keep on search. Eventually, I gave ramen another chance.

Very impressing customized service. By an order sheet, my noodles is not firm nor tender, the richness of tonkotsu soup is as light as possible, normally oily & spicy flavor would be a safe choice, and Hakata spring onion & chashu (roasted pork) are selected, of course. In addition to half boiled egg ordered additionally, from eight toppings, I picked karashi-takana, more spring onion, dried seaweed from the Ariake Sea, and kakuni (simmered pork).

About tasting ramen, the louder, the better. Strange from Japanese normal behavior, isn't it? Except for kakuni, anyway, each instrument was played so well that A-Mao has made an optimal option which only smart bankers can achieve. Next time, I will replace kakuni by menma (dried bamboo shoots).

People-Mountain-People-Sea Shinjuku Station

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